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  • Dutch Supercar Challenge - Brands GP - September 12th/13th

  • This was a 'test' race weekend, to see how Peter's car performed for an endurance race against some very fast cars.  Our E36 M3 had the S54 engine fitted and slick tyres.  Otherwise it was identical to how it has been for Toyo Tires Racing Saloons, 'Group N' spec.

    Put into SportsSaloons class within the Dutch Supercar Challenge, our competition were a bit better power-to-weight, but much better with brakes, suspension and weight balance, as well as sequential, flat-shift gearboxes and no requirement to refuel. 

    The format was 2 x 1 hour races, with a pitstop in the middle to change driver - and for us to add fuel as well.  The first race was going really well but an impact from the car behind after just a couple of laps caused suspension damage which eventually failed early-on in the second stint with Peter driving. 

    The second race was also good but the refueling wasn't enough and we eventually ran out, putting us out of contention.  

    The pace of the car was fantastic considering it's relatively basic race preparation, so this bodes well for some endurance racing next year and we'll definitely be back at Brands GP in September 2016 to race the Dutch Supercar Challenge racers again. 

    Thanks go to our guests and customers for coming along to the event to support us.